Drug Intervention and Rehab

Drug Intervention is a method to help people addicted to drugs overcome their addiction through a series of interventions. This is usually done when the person’s substance use is out of control. People addicted to drugs normally do not know the extent of their addiction. In cases where the addiction has become out of control, […]

Life After Amputation

I’ve always been a fairly active person, working, taking care of my home and grandsons. Then, in November of 2008, my life was turned upside down when a motorcycling accident landed me in Shock Trauma for 28 days. From there I spent another 2 weeks a rehab hospital. While in Shock Trauma, my lower left […]

6 Things to Do After Drug Rehab Treatment

While you are going through a drug rehab treatment program, you will be introduced to many different skills and strategies that can help you be successful in your new life without drugs. When you return home, you may discover that as you apply the skills and strategies to your life after rehab, it is a […]